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Starabella: Welcome to a Bright New World

Title 2:
(Book 3)
Sharon, Tara and Dana Fialco
Picture Book and CD
Running Time:
52 minutes
Item Code:
Price: $15.00
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About Book 3:

 Children join Starabella – a courageous little girl with learning differences whose eyes shine like stars when she’s happy – as she eagerly begins her first day of kindergarten. She meets her teacher and her fellow classmates each unique in their own special way. They come together to form an inclusive classroom “family.”

When Starabella does not fit in she escapes to the land of her musical imagination. She observes the social challenges of other students. Listeners/viewers are asked to help the children in Starabella’s class make social choices based on EMPATHY in order to create an atmosphere in which all children feel welcomed, valued, and encouraged to share what is special inside them.

Ultimately Starabella becomes a kindergarten rock star who leads children to a Bright New World of friendliness. Singing “Follow Me” – “We’re all moving with a different motion and we’re all living to a different beat / We’re all thinking with a different rhythm and we’re all dancin’ down a different street” – Starabella sends the message that we do not all learn, function, or view the world in the same way. She asks us to follow her to the place where all our paths meet in HARMONY.

Starabella sets an admirable example of a child with learning differences who inspires other children. It is our HOPE that Starabella will be embraced as a heroine who empowers ALL CHILDREN. If we can teach children at an early age to practice empathy and appreciate each other’s differences and abilities, they grow into adults who can achieve a better, more peaceful world.

Themes: Benefits of diversity and inclusion; Making social choices based on empathy; Working together to create environments that benefit the whole; Music as a unifier and connector; Being a friend is a special gift you give yourself.


This book contains illustrated pages and a fully narrated audio CD complete with music, sound effects and page-turn instructions. An audio CD is enclosed inside the front cover of each book. The illustrations include excerpts taken from the narration to help listeners follow along with the story. The combined audio and visual presentation enhances comprehension.

When children listen to this story with a caring adult, the CD can be paused at various points to provide opportunities for discussion of feelings and ideas prompted by the story.

Since the story is narrated, children also have the option to listen to the story on their own.

Children can use the illustrations as a guide to retell the story in their own words when not listening to the audio CD.

There is an interactive segment in this story. Miss Maradise, the classroom teacher, asks her class multiple-choice questions to help resolve the social conflict situations encountered by the various students. Kids who are listening to and viewing the story are asked to send their friendliest thoughts to the kids in the class to help them get to the BRIGHT NEW WORLD of friendliness and acceptance.

The “Magical Mirror” at the end of the book helps guide the kids who are listening to and viewing the story. Children see their faces in the mirror. If they make FRIENDLY choices, they will see smiles and that their eyes are shining like stars!



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