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Strategic Co-Teaching in Your School: Using the Co-Design Model

Rachel Barger-Anderson, Robert S. Isherwood, & Joseph Merhaut
7" x 10"
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Most school leaders are well aware of the benefits of co-teaching in inclusive classrooms. The practice of co-teaching is already in place in many classrooms in schools throughout the country.  Strategic Co-Teaching in Your School: Using the Co-Design Model helps schools take collaborative teaching and learning to the next level so that educators benefit from one another's expertise and so that all students are able to succeed. 

The book provides detailed, step-by-step guidance on implementing the research-based Co-Design Model, an innovative, schoolwide approach used in districts nationwide to strengthen collaboration and inclusion. The Co-Design Model goes far beyond typical co-teaching models that focus only on instruction. It

  • Targets nine areas essential to inclusive, collaborative education 
  • Creates a powerful network of support for teachers and administrators 
  • Improves all students access to the general curriculum and highly qualified teachers
  • Ensures appropriate instruction in the least restrictive environment 
  • Makes the most of each educator s background knowledge and skill sets
  • Promotes trust, open dialogue, and parity between teaching partners
  • Improves classroom management and creates a sense of community
  • Increases student engagement and reduces off-task behavior

The in-depth guidance, real-life success stories, and helpful forms and checklists provided in the book offer educators everything they need to implement the Co-Design Model. It includes chapters on four proven pathways that support the model: co-teaching, differentiated instruction, technology and scaffolding. Each chapter examines one pathway in detail and gives you strategies for promoting collaborative practices across grade levels and content areas. 

Once the Co-Design Model is put to work in your school, you'll see firsthand how truly inclusive, collaborative education leads to enhanced teacher performance and higher achievement for all students.

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