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Strategies for Developing Higher-Order Thinking Skills

Wendy C. Conklin
3-Ring Binder & CD-ROM
11.5" x 11"
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Grade Level Item Code ISBN Pages
Grades K-2 SDHK 9781425808198 272
Grades 3-5 SDH3 9781425808204 272
Grades 6-12 SDH6 9781425808211 296

Higher-order thinking is sometimes described in brief as learning that encompasses the "why" behind the "what." It is an essential component of twenty-first century learning that leads to a fuller and deeper understanding of content, resulting in increased academic achievement. Higher order thinking involves the active processes of critical thinking and creative thinking, cultivating habits of lifelong learning. Unlike the skills that Bloom’s taxonomy classifies as lower-order thinking, higher-order thinking skills involve complex cognitive processes such as dissecting, synthesizing, analyzing, generalizing, reflecting, decision making, problem solving.

In order to develop students’ higher-order thinking skills, the instructional process must involve more than simply transmitting knowledge and asking students to recite factual information or practice procedural routines. It must challenge students with rigorous content and create opportunities for them to develop higher-order thinking skills.

Strategies for Higher Order Thinking is a professional notebook that provides teachers with evidence-based, targeted strategies for building higher order thinking skills in students in kindergarten through second grade, third through sixth grade, and sixth through twelfth grade. These include such techniques as

  • Adapting and scaffolding content
  • Differentiating content
  • Differentiating time and resources
  • Curriculum compacting
  • Anchor activities
  • Grouping  

For each strategy, the notebook includes an overview, step-by-step implementation guide, sample lessons, and student activity pages. A CD-ROM with easily reproducible electronic forms is included with the notebook. The book and online tools details the ways in which the lessons included in the book are correlated with Common Core Standards, McREL standards and TESOL standards.

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