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Tammy Barron


“TammyDr. Tammy Barron is an associate professor in the Special Education Program and Graduate Special Education Program in the School of Teaching and Learning at Western Carolina University. She also serves as the special education administrator of the laboratory school and operated by WCU. She has taught and co-taught in various settings in preschool, elementary, secondary, and higher education. Her research interests relate to policies and organizational behaviors that support practices that foster inclusion and equitable learning environments for students with disabilities. Dr. Barron collaborates with school professionals to implement co-teaching and build collaboration in their schools. She co-authored Specially Designed Instruction for Co-Teaching with Dr. Marilyn Friend and has written several chapters and articles on collaboration and co-teaching materials for teachers and administrators. She has published and presented nationally and internationally on the topic of co-teaching. Through her work, she strives to improve outcomes and inclusive learning communities for students by increasing understanding and advocating for the needs of children, families, support staff, teachers, and administrators through research and practice.

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