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Teacher Collaboration: Opening the Door Between Classrooms

The Master Teacher
5-Disk Series
Running Time:
25-40 minutes each
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Price: $200.00
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In years past, teachers mostly worked independently and automously. Teacher collaboration was the exception rather than the rule, and it was uncommon to see teachers working together, reviewing student work, or sharing lesson plans and instructional methods. New teachers often had to struggle through their first years facing a sink-or-swim mentality without access to the best secrets of veteran teachers.

Today, with the increased emphasis on achievement and accountability, collaboration between teachers is not only helpful, it is crucial. To successfully reach diverse learners and meet accountability standards, teachers need to be constantly learning, growing, and honing their craft. Tapping into the experience and acquired wisdom of other teachers and collaborating to problem solve and determine best practices is essential to professional development. When teachers support teachers, everyone benefits: new teachers, experienced teachers, and students. 

The video series, Teacher Collaboration: Opening the Door Between Classrooms, helps to instill this collaborative mindset in teachers and nurtures its growth. In the five videos that comprise the series, real teachers share their hard-earned insights and demonstrate research-based strategies necessary to help teachers make collaboration a success not only with their immediate colleagues, but throughout the school. The videos guide teachers through the collaborative process so that they can reap the rewards that working with colleagues provides.

The set consists of:
DVD 1: Building a Common Foundation for Collaboration (36 minutes)
DVD 2: Collaborative Planning Teams: Combining Forces for Integrated Learning (39 minutes)
DVD 3: Co-Teaching: Our Classroom, Our Students (38 minutes)
DVD 4: Peer Coaching: Using Feedback to Increase Reflection Practices (33 minutes)
DVD 5: Lesson Study: Gathering Data to Improve Instruction (26 minutes)

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