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Technology Tools for Students with Autism

Sarah C. Wayland, Katherine L. Boser, Matthew S. Goodwin
7" x 10"
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Technology holds great promise for helping students with autism learn, communicate, and function effectively in the modern world. Start leveraging that power today with this forward-thinking book, your in-depth guided tour of technologies that support learners with autism and help them fully participate in their classroom and community. You'll learn about readily available technologies you can use right now-from apps to video modeling-and explore next-wave innovations that will help shape the future of autism intervention, such as therapeutic robots and advanced virtual reality technologies. You'll also get critical guidance on how to select the appropriate technology for your needs, weave technology into a universal design for learning framework, and conduct effective professional development so teachers make the most of new tools and strategies.


  • support the overall learning of children on the autism spectrum
  • teach social skills and support emotion regulation through independent data collection
  • develop executive function strategies and improve flexibility, memory, and transitions
  • boost literacy and language skills
  • support young adults' transition to the workplace
  • make data collection and program evaluation more effective and efficient
  • strengthen teacher training programs
  • enhance use of evidence-based practices

Explore the benefits of technologies like

  • apps for education, communication, behavior regulation, and more
  • video modeling
  • language processing software
  • customized digital stories and book creator apps
  • element cue supports
  • emotional regulation and sensing technologies
  • interactive learning software to improve feedback and metacognition
  • visualization and mind mapping apps
  • text-to-speech and speech to text software
  • e-readers and tablets with integrated multimedia (e.g., cameras, microphones, etc.)
  • electronic data collection forms for use with handheld devices

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