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Test Anxiety & What You Can Do About It:

Title 2:
A Practical Guide for Teachers, Parents and Kids
6" x 9"
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The movement in the American education system toward higher standards and greater accountability has led to an increased emphasis on high-stakes testing in elementary schools as well as middle and high schools. Unsurprisingly, there has also been a sharp rise in the number of students who experience test anxiety. Therefore, to adequately prepare students to meet mandatory standards, teachers need to do more than just teach to the test and assign endless practice tests; they must also prepare students emotionally by teaching them techniques to decrease anxiety at test time and beyond. Conquering test anxiety leads not only to improved overall mental health, but also to better test-taking performance and, often, higher scores.

Written by Joseph Casbarro, Test Anxiety and What You Can Do About It offers teachers at all grade levels (K-12) guidance on how to help students overcome test anxiety. The book includes strategies for the pre-testing, test-in-progress, and post-testing phases. Teaching students the constructive, powerful, proven strategies presented in this book will help them

  • Identify the root causes and manifestations of text anxiety.
  • Develop study skills, organizational skills, and learn note-taking strategies that will increase their confidence and level of comfort with the content, precluding the need for pre-test cramming.
  • Acquire targeted, evidence-based techniques for overcoming various physical and emotional symptoms of test-related anxiety.
  • Improve concentration and attention.

Test Anxiety & What You Can Do About It offers teachers practical suggestions for integrating test-taking skill building into their instructional practices. It also offers teachers, school psychologists, school counselors, and other educators suggestions for working with anxious parents. Finally, the book provides educators and administrators guidance on developing comprehensive, school-wide plans to address test anxiety in a purposeful and meaningful way.

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