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The Co-Planner: Two Professionals + One Plan for Co-Teaching

Title 2:
Fourth Edition
Lisa Dieker
Paperback=Spiral bound
8.5" x 11"
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Price: $21.95
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Use this best-selling lesson plan book to enhance the effectiveness of co-teaching, an increasingly common instructional strategy for inclusive general education classrooms. This practical, easy-to-use, spiral bound book is an effective tool to support the collaborative planning and communication required to make co-teaching successful.

Teachers will appreciate many unique features found in this lesson plan book:

  • Creates shared planning by both the general and special educator completing the weekly plan
  • Offers side-by-side view of planning and meeting state standards
  • Allows special educators to document the interventions used, and progress made, towards IEP goals
  • Allows teachers to evaluate, refine, and continue their development as co-teachers
  • Provides notes from the author for insight into the value, art, and the impact of co-teaching

Features for Special Educators

Special educators complete the modified assessments column on the left-hand page of the book for any academic or behavioral needs of a student as well as the right-hand page. The special educator notes the types of co-teaching models the team will use, academic and behavioral adaptations needed for specific students, materials that may be needed to meet all students' needs as well as a place to to jot notes to each other or about student performance related to IEP goals and objectives. Using this format ensures that what is special about special education is maintained throughout the co-taught setting.

Given concern for the success of all students, space is offered for both teachers to identify students who need additional accommodations or who are at-risk of failing in the class. Interventions planned by the special educator may be used to assist all students in the class.

As with any plan book, this model only works if both co-teachers are committed to preparing lessons in advance so that they can effectively meet the needs of all students. As a result of using The Co-Planner, you will notice the following benefits:

  • Clarified roles of both teachers.
  • Combined ownership of planning
  • Improved instructional planning for meeting the needs of individual students
  • Increased collaboration in lesson development and delivery
  • Improved documentation of the development and use of specific accommodations for reporting IEP progress

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