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The Genius in Every Child

Running Time:
35 minutes
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This video classic is an outstanding resource for preschool providers, parents and early childhood specialists that will show them ways to nourish and develop the genius in very young (early childhood version) and elementary-age children.

Based upon his best-selling book, Awakening Genius in the Classroom (published by ASCD), this video features Thomas Armstrong as he explores the history associated with genius, and debunks the narrow but widely held belief that genius is solely a function of performing well above average in tasks that require academic skills. Armstrong argues that there is genius in every child, which parents and teachers need to discover and awaken. He identifies negative environmental influences that often prevent the genius from revealing itself in children, and discusses factors that awaken and nurture genius, and enhance its growth and development.

Viewers will observe Dr. Armstrong's theory being put into practice in schools, and in particular how the Montessori approach nurtures the genius in young children. The executive director of Association Montessori International/USA helps to profile schools that take a creative and unconventional approach to developing student's gifts and in raising student achievement and performance, and shares easily implemented strategies with viewers. 

Available in two versions: early childhood (ages 3-5) and elementary school. Select the version of your choice from the pulldown, above, or buy both videos and save!

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Title  Item Code ISBN Price
The Genius in Every Child: Early Childhood Version DGECE 9781934032435 39.95
The Genius in Every Child: Elementary Version DGEC 9781934032442 39.95
The Genius in Every Child: 2-Disk Set DGECK 9781934032459 69.95
The Genius in Every Child Video Preview (03:40)
This video from National Professional Resources features Dr. Thomas Armstrong, award-winning author and speaker, presents a new perspective on the idea of "genius," and discusses how to nurture the genius in every child in our schools.For more information, see http://www.nprinc.com/curr/vgec.htm
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    This video from National Professional Resources features Dr. T...

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