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The Inclusive Education Checklist:

Title 2:
A Self-Assessment of Best Practices
6" x 9"
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This comprehensive checklist book is designed to assist schools, districts, administrators, policy makers, community members, and professionals interested in education, as well as parents and youth, with assessing, developing, and implementing inclusive services for students with disabilities. It identifies 15 evidence-based best practices, and presents a checklist of 8 to 32 best practice indicators for each. The mean scores of each best practice checklist offer a general indicator of school progress toward achieving the best practice, while the range of scores reflects the variability of implementation and quality within a particular best-practice area. Equipped with this data, users can plan for continuous improvement. Some of the best practices are:

  • Understand what inclusion is and what it is not
  • Age-appropriate placement of students
  • Co-teaching
  • Positive behavioral supports
  • Home-school collaboration 


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    I believe this book is essential for inclusive school best practice accountability measures! There is a huge need to assess current practices and promote best practices within inclusive education services and supports. Richard Villa and Jacqueline Thousand have written the most important assessment tool for schools to celebrate inclusive education accomplishments and further their services to best practice. This will also help struggling schools get on the journey towards reimagining and establishing quality student-centered services that meet the needs of all learners. I highly recommend this book for all schools that are focused on providing quality effective education for all learners in their school community.

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