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The Power of 2 (3rd ed.)

The Forum on Education w/ Marilyn Friend, PhD
Running Time:
107 minutes
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The third edition of The Power of 2 preserves the fundamental concepts, the classic six classroom approaches—that still have validity after two decades of scrutiny—while at the same time updating the examples that reflect co-teaching’s evolution, such as, an examination of services provided by teachers of students who are English language learners. 

Updates to the third edition include in-depth understanding of how to provide specialized education services by utilizing the skills of both general education and special education (or other specialized) personnel in the general education classroom. Featured teachers discuss how they use data to specially design instruction, plus we focus attention on co-teachers’ roles in the provision of specially designed instruction for students with disabilities. Featured teachers also discuss in detail how they use data to group students, design instruction, and monitor progress. 

This video program can create a solid foundation for the development of new co-teaching programs or the enhancement and renewal of existing ones. 

The Power of 2 will assist educators—early career teachers as well as those with many years of experience—to collaborate and share their knowledge and skills in order to ensure students maximize their potential. 

Program Sections: (all times approximate)

  1. Welcome to the Power of 2 (3:30 mins.)
  2. Defining Co-Teaching (9:40 mins.)
  3. Elements of Effective Co-Teaching Partnerships (20 mins.)
  4. Six Co-teaching Approaches (32 mins.)
  5. Practical Matters: Planning (11:15 mins.)
  6. Practical Matters: Co-Teaching Logistics (13:50 mins.)
  7. Administrative Matters (15:15 mins.)
  8. Third Edition Wrap-Up (3:20)

Bonus Material:

  1. Elementary Teachers’ Morning Meeting (8:20 mins.)
  2. Middle School Teachers Illustrate SDI and Accommodations (22 mins.) 
  3. High School Teachers Discuss the Integration of Data and Instruction (6:30 mins.) 


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