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The Power of RTI: Classroom Management Strategies K-6

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69 minutes
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Schools throughout the country have embraced Response To Intervention (RTI) as an effective framework for assessing student learning and providing academic supports for struggling learners and those with learning disabilities. Yet whereas the power of RTI to improve student learning and academic achievement is well known, fewer educators realize the power of RTI when comes to classroom management. In the DVD The Power RTI, renowned RTI expert Jim Wright, author of the RTI Toolkit and RTI Success in Secondary School, explains how the popular three-tier model can seamlessly and effectively be applied to student behavior.

The first step of the process for using RTI for behavior management involves assessing classroom climate and establishing well-structured, supportive learning environments. The video takes viewers inside well-designed classrooms, features of which include:

  • Clearly established rules of conduct
  • Positive behavioral expectations
  • Structured routines
  • Lessons that incorporate meaningful choices for students
  • Well-managed transitions
  • A system for collecting data and using it to monitor and measure student behavior

Presenter Jim Wright also describes and demonstrates an array of research-based, Tier 1-level interventions that can be used in elementary general education classrooms to address common behavior issues, such as:

  • Defiance/noncompliance
  • Hyperactivity/impulsivity
  • Inattentive behavior

The strategies and techniques recommended in this video have been proven to help prevent many problem behaviors from occurring and resolve routine problem behavior in most students. 

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The Power of RTI: Classroom Management Strategies Preview (02:15)
This is a short clip of our video, "The Power of RTI: Classroom Management Strategies K-6," which shows how Response to Intervention can be used to manage challenging behaviors in the classroom. The full video is available from National Professional Resources, Inc. The product page is located at
  • The Power of R...
    This is a short clip of our video, "The Power of RTI: Classroo...

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