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The Schoolwide Enrichment Model: A How-To Guide

Title 2:
for Educational Excellence (2nd ed.)
Joseph S. Renzulli & Sally M. Reis
8.5" x 11"
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In its second edition, The Schoolwide Enrichment Model contains updated information about how to achieve educational excellence in today's schools. Drs. Renzulli and Reis offer practical, step-by-step advice for implementing successful SEM programs in the K-12 school setting, discuss schoolwide enrichment, and provide information about the model's school structures, organizational components, and service delivery.

In addition to the model's fundamentals and underlying research, this comprehensive resource includes a collection of useful instruments, checklists, charts, taxonomies, assessment tools, forms, and planning guides that are designed to help educators find effective ways to organize, administer, maintain, and evaluate different aspects of the Schoolwide Enrichment Model.

The revised edition contains the following information:

  • A six-stage planning process for implementing the SEM
  • Discussion of nine key features of successful SEM programs
  • Procedures for developing Schoolwide Enrichment Teams
  • Tips for developing comprehensive student talent portfolios
  • Suggestions for identifying and selecting members of the Talent Pool
  • Strategies for assessing student strengths, interests, and talents
  • Advice for modifying the curriculum for above average ability students
  • Criteria for selecting Type I topics and topic sources
  • Guidelines for creating interest development centers
  • A comprehensive listing of Type II Enrichment materials
  • Procedures for initiating, implementing, and evaluating Type III Enrichment
  • Suggestions for conducting a Type III fair
  • Tips for establishing a Research Foundation
  • Sample evaluation questionnaires, instruments, and forms
  • Strategies for creating and implementing enrichment clusters
  • Ideas for developing a Five Year Plan for a SEM program
  • Action forms for program organization, implementation, and evaluation
  • An assortment of teacher training activities
  • Sample letters, memos, and announcements for students, parents, and faculty

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