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Thomas Gibbon

Thomas GibbonThomas C. Gibbon is Chair and Associate Professor of the Department of Educational Leadership and Special Education at Shippensburg University. He earned an Ed.D. in Developmental Education, Curriculum Instruction from Grambling State University and a Masters in Special Education, Community Based Services, plus Special Education Teaching Certificates from McDaniel College. He collaborates with two school districts to provide practice work sites at Shippensburg University for high school students with disabilities. He has published or presented about the following: transition to adulthood and higher education for students with disabilities; sexual harassment and safety of PWD; sexual education for PWD; multicultural competence for pre-service teachers; teaching children with chronic illness; inclusion; family advocacy; and others. Prior to his role in teaching pre-service teachers he worked with first-generation and underprepared college students, college students with disabilities, high school students with disabilities at a vocational technical school, and adults with disabilities going through the deinstitutionalization process.

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