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Turning High-Poverty Schools into High-Performing Schools

William H. Parrett and Kathleen M. Budge
8" x 10"
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American students who live and attend school in high poverty neighborhoods are prone to underachievement and high dropout rates. Nationwide, 70 percent of 9th graders read below grade level. It is critical that policymakers and educators recognize these alarming statistics for what they are-- a public education crisis. Yet it is equally important that adults do not give up, because the crisis can be overcome. Hundreds of schools enroll high proportions of underachieving children and adolescents who live in poverty but have reversed long-standing traditions of low achievement and high dropout rates. In these schools, the crisis has been overcome, because the educators sought to control what they could, held high expectations for student learning, and supported their students in surmounting the debilitating effects of poverty on learning. These schools provide blueprints for improvement from which other high-poverty schools can learn.

Educators must both become knowledgeable about issues related to poverty in the broader society and take action where they can have the most influence—in their own schools and school systems. High-performing, high-poverty (HP/HP) schools demonstrate that successfully educating students who live in poverty significantly counters many barriers posed by poverty and improves children's life chances. Authors William H. Parrett and Kathleen M. Budge have written Turning High-Poverty Schools into High-Performing Schools to help show educators what works and what they can do to turn high poverty schools into high performing schools.

Those in high-poverty schools can benefit from the information provided in this book, as can anyone working in a school where an achievement gap exists between students who live in poverty and their more advantaged peers. For your school to become high performing and to close the achievement gap, all of the theory, research, and practical ideas in this book must be applied to your unique context. Learning to do business differently in your school entails applying the information provided here to your situation. This book provides the tools to help you do so.

The book includes a variety of tools, such as self-assessment rubrics that can be used to assess your school's current situation and guide reading/discussion, and planning templates to help you determine your next steps.

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