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Understanding Emotions in the Classroom:

Title 2:
Differentiating Teaching Strategies for Optimal Learning
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The ability to identify, understand, and manage one’s emotions are critical life skills that serve students throughout their academic careers and beyond.  Acquisition of these skills, the foundation of which is self awareness, enhances students’ overall emotional wellbeing, reduces problem behaviors, improves academic outcomes, and prepares them to meet future challenges. Recognizing the importance of emotional literacy, more and more schools are adopting social and emotional learning programs. The book Understanding Emotions in the Classroom is a valuable resource for educators seeking to initiate or improve social and emotional learning initiatives both in the classroom and school wide.

There is powerful, proven rationale for embracing social and emotional learning. The overall teaching-learning process is more effective, efficient, and less stressful when both students and teachers understand their emotions, recognize emotional triggers, and are able to regulate their emotions. Furthermore, these skills and insight foster greater empathy and respect for others, which improves cooperation and lessens incidences of bullying and harassment.

Written by Claudia Marshall Shelton and Robin Stern, Understanding Emotions in the Classroom offers evidence-based insight and effective strategies for

  • Creating a positive and nurturing classroom climate with a high degree of emotional safety
  • Integrating social and emotional skill learning into the curriculum at each grade level (K-12)
  • Developing self-awareness skills across subject areas
  • Helping students overcome the anxiety and stress that produces performance blocks
  • Improving classroom management by addressing emotions associated with everyday classroom experiences
  • Meeting the needs of diverse learners, including those with learning disabilities as well as those with emotional or behavioral problems

The strategies for building self-awareness and emotional literacy presented in the book are compatible with and often integral to individualized, differentiated instruction. They address many of the components of Title I programs, including instructional technology, parent involvement and parent literacy, drug and violence prevention, and character education. Professional development opportunities that prepare teachers for building emotional literacy emphasize teaching children with different learning styles, thereby addressing Title 2 goals. 

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