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What We Know, How We Teach:

Title 2:
Linking Medicine and Education for the Child with Special Needs
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34 minutes
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Across America there is an ever increasing number of special needs children in our schools. Children whose medical conditions and instructional demands are closely linked. Whether it is medication, physical or occupational therapy, or prescribed behavioral interventions, these children present special healthcare needs which educators need to know in order to teach them well.

Bruce Buehler, M.D., Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics and Director of the Munroe-Meyer Institute for Genetics and Rehabilitation at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, hosts a dynamic and highly informative presentation linking "what we know" in the field of medicine to "how we teach" special healthcare children in our nation's schools.

Advances in neuroscience, diagnostic procedures, prescription medication and treatment approaches require administrators, teachers/nurses and other related services staff to become knowledgeable about various medical conditions and their impact on learning.

Dr. Buehler and other experts at the University of Nebraska Medical Center review: Neuroscience, Prenatal influences and prevention, Developmental disabilities, Medication and attention disorders, The team approach.

Explore how the West Side Community Schools in Omaha have included children with special healthcare needs into their learning environments. Special syndromes such as Autism, Fragile X, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are featured.

This video is an excellent staff development tool not only for special educators, but for regular educators and school nurses serving children with special healthcare needs in inclusive settings.

The viewer will:

  • Better understand the needs for special healthcare within the educational setting
  • Observe a school in which children with special healthcare needs have been included
  • Recognize the need for educators to know about advances in neuroscience diagnostic procedures, prescription medicine and treatment approaches
  • Identify those healthcare issues that require collaboration between educators and healthcare providers

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What We Know How We Teach: Linking Medicine to Education Preview (03:16)
This video from National Professional Resources features Bruce Buehler, former Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.Dr. Buehler presents what the medical field knows about special needs children, and how to teach them in our schools. Joined by other experts, he covers topics such as neuroscience, prenatal influences, developmental disabilities, and attention disorders.The program also includes a visit to West Side Community Schools in Omaha to learn how they have included children with special medical needs into their general education environment.For more information, see http://www.nprinc.com/spec_edu/vlme.htm
  • What We Know H...
    This video from National Professional Resources features Bruce...

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