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Winning Strategies for Inclusive Classrooms

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40 minutes
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In sports, winning teams execute sound strategies and good coaching. It is no different in education, where teamwork and collaboration are essential for success in today's inclusive classrooms.

Join Drs. Rebecca Hines and Lisa Dieker from the University of Central Florida as they provide winning strategies for general and special education staff working in inclusive environments. These strategies not only improve team functioning, but also raise student achievement.

Utilizing a sports metaphor including pre-game and post-game analyses, Hines and Dieker take viewers into elementary classrooms where they present and review strategies that empower inclusive teams to more effectively:

  • Manage Their Time
  • Use Their Expertise
  • Collaborate on Content
  • Understand Their Roles & Responsibilities

This informative, reality-based, fun-filled, and practical video can be used for general staff development as well as for enhancing current team practice and/or coaching new teams. Viewers will learn how to execute winning co-teaching, facilitative support and paraeducator staffing patterns that will advance inclusion in classrooms and schools. The DVD Winning Strategies for Inclusive Classrooms comes with a Viewer's Guide to assist staff developers, trainers and coaches in building strategies for successful inclusive teams.

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Winning Strategies for Inclusive Classrooms Preview (01:55)
This video is a short clip of our video "Winning Strategies for Inclusive Classrooms," which provides helpful strategies for inclusive classrooms which use both a teacher and a paraprofessional such as a teachers' aide. The DVD is available from National Professional Resources, Inc The product page is available at:
  • Winning Strate...
    This video is a short clip of our video "Winning Strategies fo...

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